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Owner Bioconst Pty Ltd

Service Dibbens Intellectual Property Level **** Street ADELAIDE SA 5000 AUSTRALIA

Various The applicant has advised that the English translation of the Italian words GALASSIA appearing in the trade mark is GALAXY.*

Filing Date 11 July 2011


Class 11 Lighting apparatus including lighting apparatus emitting blue and/or ultraviolet light, lighting apparatus for illuminating plants and lighting apparatus for displaying plants; lights including fluorescent lights, incandescent lights, LED lights, blue lights, ultraviolet lights, aquarium lights, vivarium lights, terrarium lights; filters for use with lighting apparatus including fluorescent filters, high pass filters, low pass filters, band pass filters and ultraviolet pass filters; light diffusers; parts and accessories for any of the aforementioned

Class 31 Flowers including fluorescent flowers, flowers with applied fluorescent material, natural flowers, cut flowers, live flowers, potted flowers, and genetically modified flowers; arrangements of flowers for decorative purposes; floral decorations; bouquets of flowers; corsages of flowers; plants including plants with fluorescent foliage, plants with fluorescent material applied to the foliage; natural plants, genetically modified plants and fluorescent plants and seeds and bulbs of the aformentioned plants; decorative plants; foliage plants; potted plants; arrangements of plants for decorative purposes

Event Publications

28 July 2011 Application filed

17 November 2011 Application Accepted

1 March 2012 Trade Mark Registered/Protected


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