Details for Australian Trade Mark No. 1399840 (hide)

Owner FRIESLAND Brands B.V.

Convention BX 14 June 2010 1204733

IR Number 1058557

Filing Date 22 October 2010


Class 5 Food for babies; dietetic substances and foodstuffs for medical use; food supplements for medical use; ingredients based on protein (extracts) for food for sportsmen for medical purposes

Class 29 Milk and dairy products, including whey and products mixed with other products (with milk and dairy products as their main ingredients) and their substitutes and products made from the aforementioned products, not included in other classes; dairy drinks; whey and whey foodstuffs; ingredients made from dairy products, including the ones made from whey, with or without added protein from which the minerals and/or milk sugar (lactose) have or have not been extracted and which are used in the food industry; food supplements, not for medical use, not included in other classes, for adding to milk products; foodstuffs of animal origin; food supplements and food for sportsmen; not for medical use, not included in other classes

Class 30 Pastry and confectionery; food for sport purposes, not included in other classes, in the form of sports bars and ingredients for the preparation thereof; food supplements, not for medical use, not included in other classes

Class 32 Mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic drinks; sports drinks; powders for the preparation of sports drinks; fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages; ingredients for making beverages

Event Publications

6 January 2011 Application filed

20 January 2011 Application Accepted

12 May 2011 Trade Mark Registered/Protected

16 February 2012 Registrations/Protected IR Name Amendment and Changes

  The owner's/holder's name has been changed to FRIESLAND Brands B.V..


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