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Owner Z & Y Nominees Pty Ltd ACN/ARBN 101 449 192

Service Z & Y Nominees Pty Ltd

Filing Date 21 September 2010


Class 5 Vitamin preparations, preparations made with minerals; dietetic confectionery foodstuffs and beverages; foods for infants, foodstuffs for infants, milk powder for alimentary purposes (for babies), milk powder for babies, milk powder for foodstuffs for babies, milk powder for nutritional purposes for babies, milk powders (foodstuff for babies), nutriments for babies, preparations for food for human consumption (for babies), babies' beverages, powdered milk foods for infants, food and food substances for babies

Class 29 Jams; eggs; milk, cream, cheese and other food preparations having a base of milk; milk substitutes; milk-based beverages; milk-based desserts; yoghurts; soya milk (milk substitute), soya-based preparations; vegetables and potatoes (preserved, dried or cooked), fruits (preserved, dried or cooked), mushrooms (preserved, dried or cooked), meat, poultry, game, fish and seafood, all these products also in the form of extracts, soups, jellies, pastes, preserves, ready-made dishes, frozen or dehydrated; protein preparations for human food; sausages; charcuterie; peanut butter; soups, soup concentrates, broth, stock cubes, bouillon

Class 30 Foodstuffs made with rice, flour or cereals, also in the form of cooked dishes; pizzas; sandwiches; pasta and ready-to-bake cake dough preparations; breakfast cereals, muesli, corn-flakes, cereal bars, ready-to-eat cereals; cereal preparations; rice, pasta, noodles; coffee, coffee extracts, coffee-based preparations and beverages; iced coffee; artificial coffee, artificial coffee extracts, preparations and beverages made with artificial coffee; chicory; tea, tea extracts, preparations and beverages made with tea; iced tea; malt-based preparations for human consumption; cocoa and cocoa-based preparations and beverages; chocolate, chocolate products, chocolate-based preparations and beverages; confectionery, sugar confectionery, sweets; sugar; chewing gum for non-medical purposes; natural sweeteners; bakery goods, bread, yeast, pastry; biscuits, cakes, cookies, wafers, toffees, desserts (included in this class), puddings; ices, water ices, sorbets, ice confectioneries, frozen cakes, ice-creams, ice desserts, frozen yogurts, powders and binding agents (included in this class) for making ices and/or water ices and/or sorbets and/or ice confectioneries and/or frozen cakes and/or ice-creams and/or ice desserts and/or frozen yogurts; honey and honey substitutes; sauces, soya sauce; ketchup; products for flavouring or seasoning foodstuffs; edible spices, condiments, dressings for salads, mustard; vinegar

Class 32 Beverages made with lactic starters; soy-based beverages; malt-based beverages; isotonic beverages; beer; waters (including still, sparkling, aerated, processed, spring, mineral and flavored waters); syrups, extracts and essence syrups and other preparations for making non-alchoholic beverages; fruit-flavoured beverages and beverages made with fruit, fruit juices and vegetable juices, nectars, lemonades, soda and other non-alcoholic beverages in this class;

Class 33 Wines, spirits and liqueurs, brandy, wines, fortified wines, wines made from grapes, alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages in this class including table wines and fortified wines

Class 40 Food and drink preservation, food grinding, food milling, treatment of animal foodstuffs

Event Publications

7 October 2010 Application filed

20 January 2011 Application Accepted

12 May 2011 Trade Mark Registered/Protected


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