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Owner Cr

Service Noosa Holdings Pty Ltd PO Box 1098 HAMILTON QLD 4007

Filing Date 24 September 2010


Class 9 Audio recordings; audiovisual teaching apparatus; books recorded on disc; data recorded in computer accessible form; pre-recorded discs; pre-recorded videos; recorded compact discs; recorded data files; recorded discs bearing images; recorded discs bearing sound; video recordings; teaching instruments; training apparatus (teaching apparatus)

Class 16 Audiovisual teaching materials (printed matter); printed materials for audiovisual presentation; booklets; booklets for instruction; books; printed books; training booklets; manuals for business training courses; printed course materials; instruction books; instruction manuals (handbooks); instruction manuals (printed matter); instruction manuals relating to training seminars; instructional material; stationery; cartoons (printed matter); comic strips (printed matter); images (printed matter); printed artwork; printed instruction leaflets; printed material; printed matter; printed publications; printed reports; printed reviews; printed stationery; printed stickers; printed teaching aids; printed training guides; self-adhesive printed matter; work sheets (printed matter); workbooks (printed matter); educational materials (other than apparatus) for use in teaching; teaching manuals; teaching materials (except apparatus)

Class 28 Educational playthings; playthings

Class 41 Distribution (other than transportation) of audio recordings; distribution (other than transportation) of videos; arranging of courses of instruction; conducting instructional courses; conducting of correspondence courses; design of educational courses, examinations and qualifications; organisation of training courses; personal development courses; conducting of instructional seminars; hire of instructional materials; rental of instructional material; hire of teaching materials; teacher training services; teaching; life coaching services (training or education services)

Event Publications

14 October 2010 Application filed

27 January 2011 Application Accepted

4 August 2011 Trade Mark Registered/Protected


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