Details for Australian Trade Mark No. 1383636 (hide)

Owner Manettas, Nicholas Peter

Service Holman Webb Lawyers Level **** Street SYDNEY NSW 2000

Filing Date 15 September 2010


Class 8 Forks (hand tools); hand tools (hand operated) for culinary use; hand tools (hand operated) for cutting; meat choppers (hand tools); mincing knives (hand tools)

Class 16 Advertisement boards of paper or cardboard; drink coasters of paper; drink mats of paper; napkin paper; packaging bags of paper; packaging boxes of paper; packaging cartons of paper; packaging containers of paper; paper bibs; paper stationery; table cloths of paper; table coasters made of paper; table coverings of paper; table mats of paper; table napkins of paper

Class 25 Apparel (clothing, footwear, headgear); aprons (clothing); articles of clothing made of imitation leather; articles of clothing made of leather; chefs' clothing; clothing; ladies clothing; men's clothing; occupational clothing

Class 29 Burgers (meat patties); canned meat; casseroles (prepared meal of meat or vegetables); chilled foods consisting predominantly of meat; chilled meals made from meat; cooked meals consisting principally of meat; cooked meals consisting principally of meat and vegetables; cooked meat; cooked meat dishes; food pastes made from meat; food preparations consisting principally of meat; food preparations made from meat; food products derived from meat; food products made from meat; fresh meat; frozen meat; frozen meat products; frozen prepared meals consisting principally of meat; grilled meat; luncheon meats; meat; meat preparations; meat preserves; meat products; meat, preserved; meat, tinned; minced meat; pastry fillings of meat; pie fillings of meat; prepared dishes consisting principally of meat; prepared meals consisting principally of meat; prepared meals made from meat (meat predominating); prepared meals, predominantly of meat or vegetables; prepared meat; prepared meat dishes; prepared meat products; preserved meats; preserved prepared meat; processed meat products; salads containing meat; steaks of meat; meat preserves; meat, tinned

Class 32 Alcoholic beers; fruit beers; malt-containing beverages (beers); malt-containing beverages (non-alcoholic, except beers); non-alcoholic beers

Event Publications

7 October 2010 Application filed

27 January 2011 Application Accepted

9 June 2011 Opposition Filed

  Zindo Pty Ltd has filed an opposition against Manettas, Nicholas Peter.

2 August 2012 Opposition Discontinued

  The opposition of Zindo Pty Ltd against Manettas, Nicholas Peter has been discontinued.

18 October 2012 Trade Mark Registered/Protected


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