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Details for Australian Trade Mark No. 1381736 (hide)

Owner Thomas, Cher

Service Cher Thomas

Filing Date 6 September 2010


Class 15 Bags adapted for musical instruments; basses (musical instruments); cases for musical instruments; chimes (musical instruments); computer controlled musical instruments; cornets (musical instruments); drums (musical instruments); electric musical instruments; electronic keyboards (musical instruments); electronic musical instruments; electronic musical keyboards; electronic musical synthesizers; handbells (musical instruments); hats with bells (musical instruments); keyboard instruments (musical); keyboards for musical instruments; music boxes; music stands; music synthesizers; musical instruments; musical instruments controlled by computer; musical instruments controlled by microprocessor; musical pitch pipes; musical wind instruments; percussion musical instruments; recorders (musical instruments); stands for musical instruments; stringed musical instruments; triangles (musical instruments); whistles (musical instruments); wind instruments (musical)

Class 16 Music books; music in book form; music in sheet form; music magazines; music manuscript books; music manuscript paper; music sheets; musical greeting cards; printed music; printed musical publications; sheet music in printed form

Class 28 Musical games; musical playthings; musical toys; xylophones being musical toys

Class 41 Arranging of music shows; arranging of musical entertainment; directing of musical shows; instruction in music; music publishing services; musical concert services; musical education services; musical entertainment services; musical performance services; production of musical recordings; providing digital music (not downloadable) from the Internet; publication of music; recording of music; rental of musical instruments; rental of musical instruments and equipment

Event Publications

23 September 2010 Application filed

27 January 2011 Application Accepted

28 July 2011 Trade Mark Registered/Protected


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