Details for Australian Trade Mark No. 1381350 (hide)

Owner Delprat, Paul

Service FB Rice

Filing Date 1 September 2010


Class 16 Etchings and other free standing works of art, sculptures, ornaments and statues of papier mache, paper or card; lithographic works of art; works of art (paintings);works of art in the form of framed or unframed paintings; printed artwork; boards for mounting flat artwork materials; portfolios made from paper, card, plastic or imitation leather adapted for carrying artwork; suspension files for artwork; artists' requisites in this class; printed matter including comic books; publications; greeting cards and other cards in this class

Class 25 Articles of clothing and headgear in this class

Class 41 Education services including art school, art academy art workshop and art class services; entertainment services including conducting music concerts, art and music festivals and expositions; art gallery services; art curator services; modelling for artists; cultural activities in this class; organization of art and music competitions; book publication; photography; recording studio services; rental of art and sound recordings; theatre production

Event Publications

23 September 2010 Application filed

6 January 2011 Application Accepted

2 June 2011 Trade Mark Registered/Protected


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