Details for Australian Trade Mark No. 1375965 (hide)

Owner Burger King Corporation

Service Blake Dawson Level **** Street MELBOURNE VIC 3000

Filing Date 4 August 2010


Class 16 Cardboard and goods made from these materials, not included in other classes; printed matter; printed promotional materials; notepads; bookbinding material; photographs; stationery; pens; pencils; rubbers; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; artists' materials; paint brushes; typewriters and office requisites (except furniture); instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes); printers' type; printing blocks; paper bags; plastic bags; coasters of paper; paper coffee filters; magazines; mats for beer glasses; newsletters; newspapers; place mats of paper; posters; table mats of paper

Class 25 Clothing; footwear; headgear

Class 29 Meat, fish, poultry and game; meat extracts; hamburgers; hamburger steaks; bacon; ham; fish fillets; foods prepared from fish; sausages; sausages in batter; preserved, dried, fried, baked and cooked fruits and vegetables; fried potato products, including fried chips, potato fritters, potato skins and hash browns; croquettes included in this class; potato crisps and chips; snack foods; mushrooms, preserved; olives, preserved; onions, preserved; onion rings; peppers, preserved; pickles; gherkins; soups; salads; fruit salads; prepared meals and constituents for meals; jellies, jams, fruit sauces; eggs; milk, milkshakes, milk beverages and milk products; yoghurt; cheese; cheese in the form of dips; dips; edible oils and fats; olive oil; cooking oils; corn oil; edible oil and/or fat for dressings; edible oils for glazing foodstuffs; edible oils for use in cooking foodstuffs; edible vegetable oils; maize oil

Class 30 Coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, rice, tapioca, sago; artificial coffee; flour, bread, pastry; preparations made from cereals; popcorn, corn chips and snack foods; crisp rolls; crispbread; crisps made of potato flour; whole-wheat crisps; tacos; tortillas; rice; sushi; noodles; pasta; pies; meat pies; meat gravies; pizzas; quiches; bread-filled products; sandwiches, wraps, buns and burgers of all kinds, including sandwiches, wraps, buns and burgers containing meat, fish, poultry, game and/or vegetable fillings; honey, treacle; confectionery; biscuits, cookies; cakes, candy, chewing gum; peppermint sweets; chocolate; chocolate chips; desserts, puddings; custard; doughnuts; frozen yoghurt; ice cream; ice; ices; sorbets; pancakes; waffles; yeast, baking-powder; salt; pepper; vinegar; condiments; sauces; spices, including cinnamon; mustard; ketchup; tomato sauces; mayonnaise; relish; salad cream; dressing, salad dressings; tartare sauce; horseradish sauces; dips; flavourings, other than essential oils; flavourings for snack foods other than essential oils; flavourings made from vegetables (other than essential oils); savoury food flavourings for food (other than essential oils)

Class 31 Fresh fruit and vegetables; salad ingredients; fresh mushrooms and fungi; fresh olives; fresh onions

Class 32 Non-alcoholic beverages; mineral and aerated waters; fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverage; ginger beer; isotonic beverages; lemonades; soda water; tomato juice

Class 43 Services for providing food and drink; cafe and coffee bar services; food and drink preparation services; food and drink takeaway services; restaurant services; fast-food restaurant services; quick service restaurant services; self-service restaurant services; snack-bars; restaurant and bar services including kiosk and take-away; providing prepared meals; preparation of foodstuffs or meals for consumption on or off the premises; temporary accommodation

Event Publications

19 August 2010 Application filed

27 January 2011 Application Accepted

19 May 2011 Trade Mark Registered/Protected


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