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Owner ALDI Foods Pty Ltd ACN/ARBN 086 210 139

Service Cullens

Filing Date 16 July 2010


Class 29 Alcohol-free mixed milk drinks (not with added cocoa or chocolate); dessert meals based on milk; skimmed milk, powdered milk, tinned milk, cows' milk and cows' milk products, milk (concentrated, condensed, liquid or powdered); cream for nutrition purposes, powdered or blended, cream dairy products; sweetened whey powder; blancmanges (ready made); butter; cheese and cheese products; cream cheese with fruits, fat-free edible quark, fruit and herb quark; yoghurts, fruit and herb yoghurt, diet yoghurt and diet margarine; game; chicken and chicken pieces (fresh or frozen); meat, meat products, extracts, canned meat, curried meat and meat stew with dumplings; seafood, seafood products and frozen seafoods; fish; freeze dried vegetables, fruit, meals consisting of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and pasta; almonds, baked beans (canned), burgers, canned foods, cooking oils and fats; edible oils and fats; eggs and preserved eggs; fruits (canned, cooked, dried, frozen or preserved); gelatine; jams, jellies and preparations for making jellies; margarine; marmalade; mashed potato (instant); nuts (prepared), peanuts and curried poultry; preserved pulses; soups (canned or packet) and preparations for making soup, stock cubes; sweet pie fillings (canned); vegetables (canned, cooked, dried, frozen or preserved); frozen prepared meals; crisps in this class

Class 30 Bakery products; ready meals consisting of fine bakery and patisserie, pasties, sweet pastries, pastries; biscuits, bread, bread rolls and bread cakes, scones, cakes and cake mixes, sponges, snack foods, cheesecake and frozen cheesecake, fruit buns, gingerbread, groats; flour, flour preparations and confectionery including non-medicated dairy confectionery; salad dressings; mayonnaise, sauces (including brown sauce and tomato ketchup, salad cream; baking powder; cereals, breakfast cereals and cereal preparations; chicory and chicory mixtures, chicory/coffee mixtures; chicory/barley mixtures; tea, teabags, tea preparations; chocolates, chocolate bars or coated bars, dairy chocolates, chocolate coated nougat and caramel bars, chocolate products, chocolate and sugar products filled with spirits or wine, chocolate or sugar; cocoa, coffee extracts, essences and oils, coffee substitutes; drinking chocolate; crisps made of cereals or potato flour, or wholewheat crisps; custard powder, dessert preparations; farinaceous products for food for human consumption, frozen prepared meals; honey; ice, refrigerating ice; lasagne, lasagne sheets; malt and malt extract; marzipan; molasses and molasses syrup; mustard; noodles for soup and sauces; oats (crushed), pasta, pasta twists and shells and pasta sauce; pearl barley; pies; pizzas, prepared meals; quiche; ready meals (with separately packaged constituents); ready meals consisting of fine bakery and patisserie; rice; pepper; salt (table and cooking); spices, cooking spices; sago; semi-prepared meals; semolina, soup herbs; spaghetti; sugar and sugar products, sweeteners, syrup; tapioca; vanilla, vanilla sugar; vinegar; waffles; yeast; fine bakery products containing cheese; gravies and preparations for making gravies

Class 31 Animal foodstuffs; pet foods; cat litter; forestry products; flowers, horticultural products; agricultural products; malt; plants, seeds, seed grain; fresh fruit; vegetables (fresh)

Class 32 Aerated waters and aerated mineral water; ale, alcohol-free beverages/drinks; beer; beverage preparations; carbonated drinks, carbonated water, fruit drinks, fruit juices and fruit juice drinks, fruit extracts (non-alcoholic), fruit based squashes; fruit flavoured squashes; lager; malt based preparations for making beverages; mineral waters, non-alcoholic drinks and preparations for making beverages; soft drinks; vegetables juices (from root, bulbous, tuberous, stem, shoot, leaf, floret, crop or seed vegetable)

Class 33 Alcoholic beverages, brandy, cider, cognac, liqueurs and cream liqueurs, spirits, vodka, wines, sparkling wines, wine-containing drinks, alcoholic beverages containing wine (wine predominating); alcohol-containing mixed milk drinks (not with added cocoa or chocolate); fortified wines

Event Publications

5 August 2010 Application filed

6 January 2011 Application Accepted

28 April 2011 Trade Mark Registered/Protected


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