Details for Australian Trade Mark No. 1369608 (hide)

Owner Calidris 28 AG (S.A.)

Convention DE 11 August 2009 30 2009 047 908.9/32

Service Jirsch Sutherland IP Level **** Street SYDNEY NSW 2001

Filing Date 22 December 2009


Class 3 Perfumery, essential oils, hair lotions, cosmetics

Class 25 Clothing, including sports and leisure clothing; shoes, footwear and boots, including sports and leisure shoes and boots; stockings, pants, socks; suspenders, also made of leather; ties, including bow ties; gloves; headgear, including forehead bands and sweatbands; belts

Class 32 Mineral waters and aerated waters; non-alcoholic, vitamin-containing and isotonic beverages; refreshing beverages containing caffeine; taurine beverages containing caffeine; soft drinks for energy supply; fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages

Class 33 Alcoholic beverages (except beers)

Event Publications

22 July 2010 Application filed

13 January 2011 Application Accepted

28 April 2011 Trade Mark Registered/Protected


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