Fire management system

Details for Australian Patent Application No. 2012201025 (hide)

Owner The Boeing Company

Inventors Vian, John L.; Saad, Emad W.

Agent Spruson & Ferguson

Pub. Number AU-A-2012201025

Priority 13/086,521 14.04.11 US

Filing date 22 February 2012

Wipo publication date 1 November 2012

International Classifications

G08B 25/00 Alarm systems in which the location of the alarm condition is signalled to a central station, e.g. fire or police telegraphic systems

A62C 99/00 Subject matter not provided for in other groups of this subclass

G08B 23/00 Alarms responsive to unspecified undesired or abnormal conditions

Event Publications

8 March 2012 Complete Application Filed

  Priority application(s): 13/086,521 14.04.11 US

1 November 2012 Application Open to Public Inspection

  Published as AU-A-2012201025


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