Wireless communication system and wireless terminal device

Details for Australian Patent Application No. 2011201791 (hide)

Owner Fujitsu Limited

Inventors Ode, Takayoshi

Agent Spruson & Ferguson

Pub. Number AU-B-2011201791

Parent 2006350677

Filing date 19 April 2011

Wipo publication date 12 May 2011

Acceptance publication date 22 December 2011

International Classifications

H04W 74/00 (2009.01) Wireless channel access, e.g. scheduled or random access

H04B 1/707 (2006.01) Details of transmission systems, not covered by a single one of groups - using direct sequence modulation

H04W 72/08 (2009.01) Local resource management, e.g. selection or allocation of wireless resources or wireless traffic scheduling

Event Publications

12 May 2011 Application Open to Public Inspection

  Published as AU-B-2011201791

12 May 2011 Complete Application Filed

22 December 2011 Application Accepted

  Published as AU-B-2011201791

19 April 2012 Standard Patent Sealed


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