System and method for obtaining a carbon offset credit or emission permit based on management of a feral herbivore

Details for Australian Patent Application No. 2011200432 (hide)

Owner NorthWest Carbon Pty Ltd

Inventors Moore, Timothy Nicholas

Agent Madderns

Pub. Number AU-A-2011200432

Priority 2010904083 10.09.10 AU; 2010900400 02.02.10 AU

Filing date 2 February 2011

Wipo publication date 18 August 2011

International Classifications

G06Q 50/00 (1970.01) Systems or methods specially adapted for a specific business sector, e.g. health care, utilities, tourism or legal services

G06Q 10/00 (2006.01) Administration, e.g. office automation or reservations

Event Publications

17 February 2011 Complete Application Filed

  Priority application(s): 2010904083 10.09.10 AU; 2010900400 02.02.10 AU

18 August 2011 Application Open to Public Inspection

  Published as AU-A-2011200432


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