Genetically engineered herbicide resistant algae

Details for Australian Patent Application No. 2009333021 (hide)

Owner Sapphire Energy, Inc.

Inventors Fang, Su-Chiung; Poon, Yan; Mendez, Michael

Agent Freehills

Pub. Number AU-A-2009333021

PCT Pub. Number WO2010/078156

Priority 61/142,091 31.12.08 US

Filing date 22 December 2009

Wipo publication date 8 July 2010

International Classifications

A01H 13/00 (2006.01) Algae

C12N 1/13 (2006.01) Micro-organisms, e.g. protozoa

C12N 5/04 (2006.01) Undifferentiated human, animal or plant cells, e.g. cell lines - Plant cells or tissues

C12N 15/03 (2006.01) Mutation or genetic engineering - Bacteria

C12N 15/05 (1970.01) Mutation or genetic engineering - Plant cells

C12N 15/29 (1970.01) Mutation or genetic engineering - Genes encoding plant proteins, e.g. thaumatin

Event Publications

18 August 2011 PCT application entered the National Phase

  PCT publication WO2010/078156 Priority application(s): WO2010/078156


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