Humeral shoulder prosthesis

Details for Australian Patent Application No. 2009202793 (hide)

Owner DePuy Products, Inc.

Inventors La Fosse, Laurent; Ball, Robert J.; Godest, Anne-Celine; Ondrla Jeffrey M.

Agent Freehills

Pub. Number AU-B-2009202793

Parent 2003244031

Filing date 10 July 2009

Wipo publication date 30 July 2009

Acceptance publication date 23 September 2010

International Classifications

A61B 17/58 (2006.01) Surgery - for osteosynthesis, e.g. bone plates, screws or the like

A61F 2/40 (2006.01) Filters

A61F 2/46 (2006.01) Filters - Special tools for implanting artificial joints

A61F 2/00 (2006.01) Filters

A61F 2/02 (2006.01) Filters - Prostheses implantable into the body

A61F 2/30 (2006.01) Filters - Joints

Event Publications

30 July 2009 Application Open to Public Inspection

  Published as AU-B-2009202793

30 July 2009 Complete Application Filed

23 September 2010 Application Accepted

  Published as AU-B-2009202793

20 January 2011 Standard Patent Sealed


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