Antibacterial compositions

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Inventors Haydon, David John; Mitchell, Dale Robert; Palmer, Nicholas John; Atherall, John Frederick; Steele, Christopher Richard; Ladduwahetty, Tamara; Czaplewski, Lloyd George

Agent A J Park

Pub. Number AU-A-2007262791

PCT Pub. Number WO2007/148093

Priority 0612428.3 22.06.06 GB

Filing date 21 June 2007

Wipo publication date 27 December 2007

International Classifications

A61K 31/428 (2006.01) - condensed with carbocyclic rings

A61K 31/4402 (2006.01) - only substituted in position 2, e.g. pheniramine, bisacodyl

A61K 31/4406 (2006.01) - only substituted in position 3, e.g. zimeldine

A61K 31/497 (2006.01)

A61P 31/04 (2006.01) Antiinfectives, i.e. antibiotics, antiseptics, chemotherapeutics

C07D 277/00 (2006.01) Heterocyclic compounds containing 1,3-thiazole or hydrogenated 1,3-thiazole rings

C07D 277/62 (2006.01) Heterocyclic compounds containing 1,3-thiazole or hydrogenated 1,3-thiazole rings

Event Publications

12 February 2009 PCT application entered the National Phase

  PCT publication WO2007/148093 Priority application(s): WO2007/148093

25 March 2010 Assignment before Grant

  PROLYSIS LTD. The application has been assigned to Biota Europe Limited


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