Inhibition of SPAG9 expression with siRNAs

Details for Australian Patent Application No. 2006219666 (hide)

Owner National Institute Of Immunology

Inventors Suri, Anil Kumar

Agent Griffith Hack

Pub. Number AU-B-2006219666

PCT Pub. Number WO2006/092714

Priority 466/DEL/2005 02.03.05 IN

Filing date 2 March 2006

Wipo publication date 8 September 2006

Acceptance publication date 27 January 2011

International Classifications

C12N 15/11 (2006.01) Mutation or genetic engineering - DNA or RNA fragments

Event Publications

20 September 2007 PCT application entered the National Phase

  PCT publication WO2006/092714 Priority application(s): WO2006/092714

27 January 2011 Application Accepted

  Published as AU-B-2006219666

26 May 2011 Standard Patent Sealed


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